The Book

Finding-Mary-CoverOne month after the birth of my second child, 7 days before my 22nd birthday, I disappeared, emerging in a hospital four days later not knowing who I was and with virtually no memory of my early life. Eleven of the next twelve months were spent in Lakeside Psychiatric Hospital.

A forty year quest followed in search of the truth of my life – my ‘Finding Mary’.

My first working title was ‘Living a Lie’ because that is what I constantly felt my whole life was.  However, I was persuaded that title may give the impression my story was deceitful.

It then became ‘The Lost Child’ – in reference to the child I never knew. But once diagnosed with Structural Dissociation I identified my two ‘sides’, Liz, my ANP and Mary, my EP.  It became ‘Finding Mary’ to acknowledge what Mary experienced and my, Liz’s final awareness and understanding.