Motivation V Defeat

After finding the inspiration to write my previous blog after eight months of silence I hoped revisiting the refuge in Melbourne had spurred the motivation to continue this challenge. However, as much as I want to pursue this, defeat is always sitting on my shoulder, primarily in the form of physical pain rather than emotional ineffectiveness.

In January I received a letter from South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (CASA) confessing confusion as to how to proceed with my letter sent four months prior. It was noted the letter had not progressed to the CASA Forum as promised. I have not been able to respond but must.

Today, I read in the local paper that three brothers charged with the sadistic rape of a fourteen year old girl two years ago have had the case against them dropped. This in itself enraged me, but the inane comments in the media about feeling sorry for these men if they have been charged incorrectly and the impact it will have on their lives, or that the police would only have dropped charges if there was insufficient evidence etc., enrages me more.

The truth is that this poor tortured, now sixteen year old girl is too traumatised to face the court process knowing she will be grilled on the stand and made to relive every sordid detail. While some have claimed this to be a healing process I can’t imagine it being so for a fractured sixteen year old. I could not face the thought of proceeding through the court process in my forties or even now. Although feeling nauseous, ‘Mary’ would be unable to even read such reports without descending into an inconsolable, weeping state of grieving.

If there is irrefutable, undeniable evidence then the court system must be improved to prevent women being further humiliated and shamed and terrorised by having to prove they are a victim.