Justice central to dignity and wellbeing of victims

Another insightful article by Father Kevin Dillon in the Geelong Advertiser, Friday, 11 December, 2015.

Father Dillon writes;

“Unbelievable – that people so hurt, so sinned against still maintain such character and decency – and all too often are not given the respect, compassion and justice they have a right to expect.”

He also writes of it being critical to establish the truth. To discover who did what, who did nothing, or who could have done “something”, but didn’t.

While Fr Dillon is referring to the culture in churches and institutions which failed children so dismally in relation to child sexual abuse, the above statement applies to any situation where one makes a claim against another.

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, the lifelong trauma and, in many instances, not being believed – truth above all else is paramount to me.

So, after my disclosure in Finding Mary, I was warned to expect derogatory, demeaning, insulting and humiliating commentary, criticism and judgement from internet trolls. I steeled myself for the worst but soon learnt that such treatment can come from even closer connections and in the most unexpected circumstances. In places and situations that prove to be more damaging and hurtful precisely because they come in circumstances where it was least expected.

I will fight for my justice and truth – and for the justice and truth that my child was unable to claim.

While the Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse is giving voice to many there are thousands more whose voices will not be heard.

I recommend Father Dillon’s article which can be found here: