Ruby Magazine – 1st publicity

Finding Mary is a feature article in the winter edition of Ruby magazine and can be found at

It is a wonderfully comprehensive and sensitive piece about a difficult, complicated subject and I can’t thank the editor enough for her willingness to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Some of the final draft had to be cut which, although not impacting on the focus of the article was I believe worthy of inclusion. The last paragraph talks of the rejection of my story by family, mental health professionals and friends. The following was deleted.

Around the time I was coming to terms with all that Structural Dissociation meant as a diagnosis, a new acquaintance dared to ask why I didn’t have a house (in other words the financial status they had) and what was wrong with me – they had noted I didn’t seem comfortable within that circle. When muttering – I believe for the first time to anyone – I had a type of Dissociative Identity Disorder, I was laughed at and told, ‘No you don’t, don’t be silly.’”

After almost 40 years of being unheard – and probably a lifetime if you include the childhood I don’t remember – this response hurt the most. Nine years after it occurred I still need people to know this is the way people react and how painful it is and hope that people can learn from this and be more understanding.