Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

STOP! I cannot hear this any more! I just want it to all go away. It repulses me. One of the first people I told that I feared I had been sexually abused responded with, ‘”They” say the first step in coming to terms with something as terrible as this is talking to someone you trust. I sincerely believe that in time, people can heal and move on’.

I hope the opportunity to finally tell their story, and be believed, to the Royal Commission is providing some healing for the victims/survivors of institutional sexual abuse, but for every one of them, there are many more who will never get to tell their story, never be believed, never by comforted or supported. For them, hearing these horrific stories churns their gut, thrusts them into anorexia or bulimia, propels them to self harm, use alcohol or drugs to numb the horrific feelings and sensations, the shame and disgust experienced. Or, as in my case, to fear the return of ‘Mary’.